Ordnance Survey Recorders

The following is a working list of the OS recorder initials and their full names.  Please report any new additions or variations to NRHE-HERhelp@historicengland.org.uk for inclusion on this page.


Initials Full name
AA Alan Ayre
ANK Alan N King
ASP Alan S Phillips
BHP Basil H Pritchard
BRS Beverley R Stallwood
CFW C F Wardale
CHA Christine H Armitage
DAD Dai A Davies
DK David King
DS David Saunders
DS David Smith
DT Derek Travis
DPH Donald P Houston
DG Doreen Gee
EGC E G Cameron
EGG E George Geary
EG E Geary
ECW Eric C Waight
EGC Eric G Cameron
FB Fred Baker
FDC Frank D Colquhoun
GCS G C Swatridge
IS Iain Sainsbury
ISS Iain Sainsbury
JGB J G Barton
JEO Joe Ostridge
JHO J H Ostridge
JRF J R Foster
JH Jack Howdle
JB James Baird
JLD James L Davidson
JNH John N Hampton
JR John Rigg
JWS J W Stone
KB Keith Blood
NKB Keith Blood
KD Ken Davies
KJT Kenneth J Taylor
HMJ Marcus Jecock
MN Margaret Nieke
MMH Mildred M Haughton
NB Neil Beagrie
NJG Nicholas J Glanville
NVQ Norman Victor Quinnell 
PT Percival Turnbull
RL R Lewis
RWE Richard W Emsley
RDL Robert D Loader

Roy W Knightly

SMF S M Ferguson
SW Stephen Willy
SA Stewart Ainsworth
TG Tim Gates
WDJ William D Johnston
WCW William C Woodhouse
WEJM William E J Mussett
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